Yesterday: Review

Since watching Yesterday (…yesterday), I have been making my way through The Beatles lengthy but incredibly timeless discography, which is quite something as I’ve never been a big fan of their music, but Danny Boyle’s latest piece of work makes you really understand the cultural footprint they left in the world of pop/rock and roll […]

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The Lion King (2019): Review

Before going into this movie I had to think about what I wanted out of it. Of all the ‘live action’ remakes of these classic Disney movies so far, The Lion King is the first that I had a real connection with from my youth. I’ve always considered 1994’s The Lion King to be one […]

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Point Blank: Review

If you are part of the small population of people that felt the need to see the Falcon and Crossbones of the MCU team up in a gritty action thriller, then Netflix has what you’re looking for. If like me, you aren’t exactly bothered about this partnership, then the level of expectation is as low […]

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Shaft (2019): Review

A character that was born in the 70’s with Richard Roundtree as the lead and reimagined back in 2000 with Samuel L. Jackson. John Shaft is a NYC private investigator that likes to do things his own way. The type of man who will shoot first and ask questions later. My first experience with a […]

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Spider-Man: Far From Home: Review

It was only months ago that Marvel smashed box office sales with Avengers: Endgame, cementing itself as one of the highest grossing movies in cinema history. It was an event that took 22 films and 11 years of intricate planning, character development, rich storytelling and a slew of great moments to reach its final conclusion. […]

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Toy Story 4: Review

Initially, I scoffed at the idea of another Toy Story movie. Thinking to myself what could they possibly do to justify adding to something that seemed to have wrapped itself up.  Although not the perfect movie, Toy Story 3 had the most perfect ending, finally putting some closure to Pixar’s predominant franchise. Now, almost a […]

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Murder Mystery: Review

Given the poor reception that the Netflix/Sandler partnership has received, you would have every reason to give this a skip. With one original somehow outdoing the next in terms of its lazy script or agonising attempt at legitimate comedy, its not been the best of runs for the team up. Their latest work revolves around […]

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