Deja Vu: Review

“What if you had to tell someone the most important thing in the world, but you knew they’d never believe you” – Doug Carlin Rating – ★★★★ You ever get the sense that maybe you’re reliving the same moment over again? Kind of feel like all your days are blending into one? Maybe going slightly mad? […]

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Berg and Berg team up again!

Rating – ★★ Mark Wahlberg and directer Peter Berg, team up for what is their fifth time together (consecutively for the director). Their latest project, a Netflix original called Spenser Confidential, is a Boston set crime thriller. Wahlberg stars as a former police detective. Having just finished serving five years in jail for beating on a […]

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Top 5: Post-Apocalyptic Movies

With the craziness that’s going on with the world at the moment, thanks to the virus known as COVID-19 (coronavirus), it’s led many of us to isolate in our homes. As bad as the situation may be, these movies paint a far darker picture. Now is the time, more than ever, to catch up on […]

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Top 5: Films of the Decade

2010-2019 was a fantastic decade for cinema. We’ve been introduced to some breakout stars, surprising hits, plenty of record breaking achievements and some of the finest movies to ever grace cinema. By far my most challenging list yet, I have compiled my top 5 movies from this decade. Obviously, there’s been a lot of films […]

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Is It Game Over For Sonic?

Rating – ★½ Movie adaptations of popular video games have been plaguing the film industry for years. Each cinematic representation promises to break the mould of negativity in which the sub-genre often surrounds itself, only to receive the same fate. The interest in these adaptations is fleeting as each disappointment passes by. After its opening […]

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Uncut Gems: Review

Rating – ★★★½ It was around the ten minute mark when I realised what was in store for me with Uncut Gems. It’s a loud, chaotic, messy and provocative piece that fully allows Adam Sandler to showcase his dramatic acting capabilities. Something the cinema world is only greeted with in the smallest of doses. From […]

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