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The Gray Man – Review

The Russo Brothers (Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame) aim to continue their success after their monumental Marvel breakthrough. Having failed to replicate that with 2021’s Cherry, Netflix’s far more marketable The Gray Man looks to demonstrate what directing capabilities these brothers have outside of the superhero caper. When CIA operative Court Gentry, aka Sierra Six […]

Hustle – Review

Adam Sandler’s comedic career has never gone down particularly well with the critics – much more so of recent – but audiences still appear to feel a buzz whenever he shows up, and it was enough to score him a mind-blowing nine figure deal with Netflix. Sadly, much of what this pairing has churned out […]

Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Review

Following the fad of classic franchises retconning their projects to give us a ‘true’ sequel – something the Ghostbusters, Terminator and Halloween franchises have most recently attempted – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the latest to receive a futile facelift (pun intended) with the chainsaw wielding psychopath ‘Leatherface’ making a reappearance. Ignoring the many other […]