Coffee and Kareem: Review

Rating – ★½ If the title was anything to go by, you’d quickly realise that Michael Dowse and Ed Helms’ latest comedy is a mockery of itself. I was expecting nothing more than a bit of dumb fun from this Netflix original, but the former certainly shines through a lot more. Helms stars as an […]

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Extraction: Review

Rating – ★★★★ Netflix’ latest action flick hit the streaming site on Friday. It stars Chris Hemsworth as a hardened, black market mercenary, sent to Dhaka (Bangladesh) on an extraction mission. His job is to rescue a kid, stuck in the middle of a war that he has no involvement with, in a city ravaged by […]

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Code 8: Review

Rating – ★★ Jeff Chan’s 2019 sci-fi drama, Code 8 makes its way onto Netflix. It tells the story of Connor (Robbie Amell), a construction worker who has been blessed with a unique ability, he can conduct electricity (neat huh?). However, he’s not alone when it comes to having such power, as many of the residents […]

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Lost Girls: Review

Rating – ★★★ ‘An unsolved American mystery’ scrolls across the screen immediately following the films title card and harrowing opening clip. Letting you know right off the bat that what you’re about to witness, isn’t likely to end in the way you’d hope. Liz Garbus takes on the true story of the murders of a […]

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The Main Event: Review

Rating – ★ The latest film to be produced by WWE studios makes its way onto Netflix. The (very) child friendly The Main Event tells the story of a young, passionate wrestling fan who comes across an old wrestling mask, but he soon discovers this is no ordinary mask. It grants him special powers. Superhuman strength, […]

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Bad Times at the El Royale: Review

Rating – ★★★★ It’s a shame when you see a movie not get the recognition it deserves thanks to a lack of solid marketing, and that’s exactly the case with Drew Goddard’s latest picture. Not even making its budget back in cinema ticket sales, Bad Times at the El Royale looks to be a disaster, and […]

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Deja Vu: Review

“What if you had to tell someone the most important thing in the world, but you knew they’d never believe you” – Doug Carlin Rating – ★★★★ You ever get the sense that maybe you’re reliving the same moment over again? Kind of feel like all your days are blending into one? Maybe going slightly mad? […]

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Berg and Berg team up again!

Rating – ★★ Mark Wahlberg and directer Peter Berg, team up for what is their fifth time together (consecutively for the director). Their latest project, a Netflix original called Spenser Confidential, is a Boston set crime thriller. Wahlberg stars as a former police detective. Having just finished serving five years in jail for beating on a […]

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Top 5: Post-Apocalyptic Movies

With the craziness that’s going on with the world at the moment, thanks to the virus known as COVID-19 (coronavirus), it’s led many of us to isolate in our homes. As bad as the situation may be, these movies paint a far darker picture. Now is the time, more than ever, to catch up on […]

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