Just How Bad is Hellboy (2019)?

Rating – ★ It’s a burning question that I felt needed answering ever since the first wave of negative reviews started circulating. With the first responses already sending the reboot into the deepest reaches of movie hell, it wasn’t looking promising. The negativity surrounding the movie was certainly enough to talk me out of a […]

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6 Underground: Review

Rating – ★★½ Not sure how, but Michael Bay has managed to completely ‘out-Bay’ himself in his latest Netflix original, 6 Underground. Loathed by many, appreciated by nutters, Michael Bay has managed to formulate a successful career off of his energy drink aesthetic style of filmmaking. Explosions? Yep. Scantily clad women? Duh. Obnoxious American patriotism? […]

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Marriage Story: Review

Rating – ★★★★½ A late contender for film of the year. Baumbach’s take on love, separation and eventual divorce paints a painfully unsettling image, that sets itself far from anything else to come out this year. This isn’t an easy film to sit through. From the get-go, Marriage Story demonstrates the harsh realities of two […]

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The Irishman: Review

Rating – ★★★ It’s the Avengers of the mob world (sorry, couldn’t help myself). The timeless team up of Scorsese, DeNiro, Pacino and Pesci are back for their next gangster epic. An adaptation of the book ‘I Heard You Paint Houses’ and real life story of Frank ‘The Irishman’ Sheeran, A war veteran who later […]

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Doctor Sleep: Review

Rating – ★★★★ Upon hearing a sequel was in the works, for what is arguably one of the most influential horror movies of all time, it was met with immediate trepidation. The Shining still remains one of the most talked about films in cinema history. Its subjective themes have sparked many heated discussions, that even […]

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El Camino: Review

Rating – ★★½ Taking place after the events of Breaking Bad’s finale, which aired over six years ago, El Camino continues with the story of Jesse Pinkman. After he escapes from those who held him captive, thanks to old friend and work partner Walter White, we see him ‘ride off into the sunset’, bringing a […]

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