Color Out of Space – Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

In a year that has been as bonkers as this, it seems only fair that we get a movie, as bonkers as this. Nicolas Cage, Alpacas and a lot of bloody fun. Don’t unfasten your seatbelts just yet guys, this year has one last curveball to throw your way.

Devoted farmer and family man Nathan Gardner (Nicolas Cage), finds himself fighting for everything he has after a meteorite plummets into his front yard. A technicolour terror looms within and soon the extraterrestrial organism infects the minds and bodies of those unfortunate enough to come in close proximity. What sort of power does this out of Earth rock possess, and is there anyway of stopping it?


Adapted from a short story of the same name, by H.P. Lovecraft. Director Richard Stanley turns the pages of the book into a psychedelic playhouse of iridescent colour and B-movie corniness. A fluorescent fever dream with the craziest man in Hollywood at the helm.

Cage peaked crazy with 2018’s ‘Mandy’. A drug trip that fully immersed you in its wonderfully wacky concept. The story of an unhinged man that was pushed to the edge, and then some. That level of chaotic energy is what he has spent much of his career sticking true to, and it will forever be lapped up by audiences worldwide.


Whilst that level of intensity isn’t fully replicated here, it’s still the closest to it I could’ve hoped for. His character’s spiral into sheer madness is where much of the fun from this movie, can be had.

Joely Richardson, Madeleine Arthur, Brendan Meyer and Elliot Knight co-star is this fun ball of Sci-Fi silliness. Each adding to the growing unease that its narrative constantly puts you in.


From the perspective of its narrative, this isn’t far from plenty we’ve seen before. Much of what’s put in front of us falls on Nicolas Cage’s delivery, and whilst he certainly doesn’t disappoint, more would be needed from its story in order to further flourish. Whilst it boasts intrigue in the beginning, and is tied at the end by a blood soaked, horrifying bow out, much of its middle section sheepishly falls into the void of my memory.

Despite being released at the beginning of the year, its limited screening appearances halted its reception to wider audiences. Amazon Prime users however, can enjoy this B-movie bonanza from the comfort of their own homes. Having said that, I don’t believe the word comfort should be used in the context that is this movie.

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