Two Distant Strangers – Review

This Oscar nominated short touches on two commonly discussed topics. From a filmmaking perspective, this takes the time-loop route. Happy Death Day and sequel, Palm Springs, The Map of Tiny Perfect Things and now Two Distant Strangers are some of the more recent examples of time related anomaly storytelling. And from a (not so) current […]

Run – Review

Seeing such a simple concept being expertly crafted and fundamentally resourceful with what constraints it has, is a rare thing to come by. Director Aneesh Chaganty has managed to achieve that for the second time, first being with his surprise hit Searching (2018). Yet again his scope is small, with the majority of the events […]

Capone – Review

Last year’s Capone was met with less than stellar responses in its limited release. Yet another feature scheduled for a global movie theatre release that didn’t make it due to COVID related cancellations. Now it receives its debut streaming gig with it making its way onto Netflix. Josh Trank’s biopic of the infamous Mafioso, was […]

Soul – Review

Much like Onwards, that was released at the beginning of this year, Pixar’s Soul may not receive the reception it most certainly deserves. As the filming industry is still very much in a dark place at the moment, Soul joins the list of mainstream releases that is given the ‘straight to streaming’ gig instead. Pixar’s […]