6 Underground – Review


Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Not sure how, but Michael Bay has managed to completely ‘out-Bay’ himself in his latest Netflix original, 6 Underground.

Loathed by many, appreciated by nutters, Michael Bay has managed to formulate a successful career off of his energy drink aesthetic style of filmmaking. Explosions? Yep. Scantily clad women? Duh. Obnoxious American patriotism? Oh, you bet.

The film opens with a twenty minute car chase through Florence (Italy), which can easily be explained as an immediate make or break scenario. If this 110% level of intensity loses you, then likelihood is, you should probably tap out early, because that’s merely an insight for what’s to come.


You should be expecting no more out of this than you would from any other Bay picture. He continues to make the movies he wants, in his own special little way. Void of common sense and genuine art form, but you’ll be coming away feeling shamefully satisfied, even if the headache that follows becomes overbearing.

Ryan Reynolds stars as One/1, a name he gives himself to protect his real identity. A billionaire who has earned a living by inventing genius tech. Sound familiar? He scouts the likes of ex-military and hitmen to join a formidable team to take on the jobs that no one would dare think of.


From start to finish, 6 Underground is full throttled intensity. Bay has put his foot on the gas and there was no change in gear. There’s a Transformers style of destruction reaching a Dredd level of violence. It’s a combo you never really asked for, but that is exactly what Bay does.

6 Underground will fundamentally work or collapse based on your stand point in regards to Bay’s exaggerated style of filmmaking. Its first and final acts are completely bonkers, which says a lot when you’re fully aware of what Bay is capable of. This is set to be the most divisive movie from Netflix’ original movie haul, so it’s up to you where you stand.

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