Yesterday – Review


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Since watching Yesterday (…yesterday), I have been making my way through The Beatles lengthy but incredibly timeless discography, which is quite something as I’ve never been a big fan of their music, but Danny Boyle’s latest piece of work makes you really understand the cultural footprint they left in the world of pop/rock and roll music.

The film opens by showing ‘A Day In The Life’ of Jack Malik (Himesh Patel) and gives an insight to ‘The Long And Winding Road’ of a struggling musician. After playing the pub circuit for so long and earning only a small stage festival gig, performing to an uninterested audience, Malik decides it’s time to hang up his guitar and go back to his job as a teacher. A sense of ‘Misery’ fills Jack knowing he’s about to give up on his dream of becoming a potential star, when fate has something else in store. When a worldwide blackout causes Jack to be involved in a bike accident, he wakes up the next morning with a revelation that is far bigger than just losing a few of his teeth, he is the only person who knows who The Beatles are. With an arsenal of great songs at his disposal, Jack realises the potential for success by gifting the world the music of the most influential band of all time. ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ suddenly turns into a ‘Good Night’ when the life-changing event could be his ticket to stardom.


Written by Richard Curtis and directed by Danny Boyle, the two ‘Come Together’ to create ‘Something’ spectacular. A love letter to arguably the best band in history and their life altering ‘Rock And Roll Music’. Told in a simple, yet unique story, the pair provide a wholesome and flourishing narrative that takes you on a ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ of their greatest hits, in a way you would never have expected.

Himesh Patel was a name I was very unfamiliar with given I’ve never sat through an episode of Eastenders, but as far as first impressions go, this could be a real breakthrough role for the actor. He exudes charisma and charm, confidently playing the part of an unlikely lovable hero. Alongside him stars Lily James (playing Ellie Appleton), his manager and long time best friend. An unsurprisingly charming performance from someone who had already impressed when she appeared in Baby Driver. The two have the chemistry to elevate its often soppy direction and make you feel genuinely invested in the story and their ‘I Want To Hold You Hand’ like relationship.

Yesterday does more than enough to have you ‘Twist And Shout’ about it. A real ‘Ticket To Ride’ your way through hit after hit in an unfamiliar setting. ‘Let It Be’ known that from experience, this can take even the least bothered of fans and have you signing to every word unapologetically. ‘I’ve Got A Feeling’ that this will remain one of Boyle’s finest pieces of work, that I will continue to revisit even ‘When I’m Sixty-Four’. So regardless of what you think about The Beatles, you can’t ‘HELP!’ but find yourself being fully immersed in this alternate reality.

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