Rim of the World – Review


Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

One of Netflix’s latest original productions tells the story of four youngsters, who find themselves to be Earth’s unlikeliest last line of defence during an alien invasion. Rim of the World is a Stranger Things meets Independence Day adventure, all wrapped up in a Spielbergian style of storytelling, paying homage to 80’s cinema with its very own modern spin thrown in.

With Netflix hellbent on pooping out content to an already saturated level, the feeling that some great ideas aren’t quite getting the time or resources to reach their full potential is alarmingly apparent. It comes as no surprise that Rim of the World falls into that category, which is a shame given the credentials of something great are there, but the final product just feels rushed, cheesy and often painfully inappropriate.


I must admit, McG (Joseph McGinty Nichol) has never been a director that fills me with confidence, as throughout his career he has consistently hit the borders of terrible and mediocre, with Rim of the World being no exception. It takes clear inspiration from movies like Stand by Me, Independence Day and even the Breakfast Club without producing the same energy, charm or charisma.

All the child performers make the most of what they’ve got and genuinely look like they’re having fun doing it. Benjamin Flores Jr. becomes the standout performer though, given the better part of an otherwise lame script, he shines in his performance and the delivery of the one liners that the script favours for his character.


Tonally, one of the more bizarre films I’ve seen this year. In regards to its story, general themes and its stars, this is marketed as a kids movie. But during some moments it becomes confusingly sexualised, to a point where it just makes the viewing experience uncomfortable. Too silly and uninspiring to be enjoyed by adults (we had the Goonies, Stand By Me and E.T to name a few) and a bit too ‘adult themed’ for the younger audience. This doesn’t leave much of a demographic in which this should appeal.

A sure misfire in which the story, script and even the visual effects all fail to hit the mark. Another Netflix original that came almost out of the blue and the end result shows why we knew very little.

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