Triple Frontier – Review


Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Triple Frontier definitely comes out as one of the better Netflix movie originals and although that may sound like a big achievement, it’s merely a testament to the company’s rocky reception. J. C. Chandor’s gritty, macho American, heist drama tells the story of five ex military men, who failing to make ends meet, take on a South American drug lord for an estimated $75 million, based off of ‘solid’ intel. What is supposed to be a cleverly plotted in-out mission, becomes increasingly challenging when greed poisons the group.

At its best, Triple Frontier is an engaging, high octane thriller boasting some well executed action sequences. A simple shoot ’em up, with an ironic twist of fate woven into its story. During its worst however, it becomes predictable, and often feels as though it’s being stretched longer than its barely 2 hour run time. Within a month you’d have likely seen two or three films that replicate similar scenarios that this film offers. Short, enjoyable thrills, but will ultimately become forgettable over time.


Despite having an obnoxiously brooding, but exciting cast ensemble, consisting of Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam and Garret Hedlund, they’re all given rather one dimensional and underwritten characters, that unfortunatley takes focus and care away from their portrayals. Other issues lie with its pacing and shows a lack of real depth in its story between its big buck moments. The action tries to grasp you in where its thinly layered plot and character building fails to.

In summary, the movie works well as your run of the mill, fun, testosterone filled action shooter. Something to switch on when you want to switch off. It provides enough to keep your attention when the movie most demands it, but flatlines on offering a compelling narrative. A perfectly average time killer you wouldn’t feel silly for missing out on.

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