Bullock Blindsides With Bird Box


Rating: 3 out of 5.

What Netflix seems to get right in the way of tv series, lacks consistency with the way they handle their feature films. Bird Box was a film that I considered would break the mould of dissapointment within this category, but with an abundance of great horror movies coming out over the last few years this Netflix original already had a tough job on its hands.

The film covers two time periods. Opening with Sandra Bullock who accompanied by two children, plan for evacuation by heading down river after receiving a radio message offering potential safety, after the fall of an unknown world wide catastrophe. The other time period being set five years sooner, where it throws us straight into the beginning of all the chaos that has ultimately led to the bleak world we’ve previously been invited into.  The film predominantly transitions from these two periods throughout its runtime, focusing on Bullock’s fight for survival whilst providing flashbacks to explain key elements of its story and character development.


Bird Box has recieved a wide range of both positive and negative responses, some hailing the movie as a great piece of horror while others claiming it to be a poorly structured miss fire. With the likes of Get Out, It, A Quiet Place and The Witch (to name a few) already bringing the horror genre back to top form Bird Box is the effect of a movie coming out at the wrong time. Despite some shining moments, the movies success is mainly elevated by a strong performance from its leading lady.

The early buzz surrounding Bird Box may seem a little unwarranted. Which I believe, led to the movie’s unfairly high level of expectation, but with another movie like this, Netflix could be on their way of matching the success of their TV originals.

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