Cocaine Bear – Review

The marketing strategy for director/actor Elizabeth Banks’ Cocaine Bear, could sell itself through its name alone. As one could imagine, that is quite simply what this film is all about. “Inspired” by the true story of a bear who made its way through roughly 70 pounds of cocaine after it was dropped out of a […]

The Menu – Review

Ralph Fiennes cooks up a storm in this darkly comical thriller as chef Julian Slowik. Head chef of the Hawthorn, chef Slowik invites a group of individuals to eat (sorry chef, ‘taste’ or ‘savour’) his most elaborate and personal menu yet. What these hand-picked guests will soon realise however, is that this is a dining […]

Run – Review

Seeing such a simple concept being expertly crafted and fundamentally resourceful with what constraints it has, is a rare thing to come by. Director Aneesh Chaganty has managed to achieve that for the second time, first being with his surprise hit Searching (2018). Yet again his scope is small, with the majority of the events […]