No Time to Die – Review

One of the original films to postpone its release due to the pandemic last year, No Time to Die was set for a March 2020 release and subsequently since then has jumped around multiple release dates. But thankfully Daniel Craig’s swan song as Bond finally sees the light of day. Following the story on from […]

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings – Review

We’re entering a phase of Marvel’s infinite storytelling where I fear those who aren’t regular comic book readers, will start to become disillusioned by their upcoming projects. And by ‘those’ I of course mean me. With the quick back to back releases of Shang-Chi and The Eternals, I feel storytelling and strong character writing will […]

Jolt – Review

Kate Beckinsale is back channelling her badassery in this ‘Crank’ like action thriller for Amazon Prime. But does it electrify, or fail to create even the smallest of sparks? Lindy (Kate Beckinsale) is a bouncer with a murderous impulse caused by anger-management issues, that is suppressed by an electrically charged vest that she has to […]